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For someone who was, by his own admission, "extremely shy" as a young child, Ethan Barnett, aka Ten Tonnes, cuts a strikingly confident figure on stage. The slight hesitancy in his on-stage chatter is in keeping with the air he gives off of a box-fresh, whip-smart new talent whose artlessness and unsmoothed edges are a crucial part of his charm. Add to that a breezy, seemingly effortless ability to fashion snap-crackle lyrics and earworm melodies, and it's easy to see why the crowd fall at his feet. "All that matters now is getting out there and delivering the goods", he says. "To me, I’m already living the dream. The last year has been mental, so I’m like all guns blazing; you know, ‘Let’s smash it.’ I’ve got one stab at this. It's time to do it."