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Call it faith, call it luck, call it destiny. In fact – in the case of upcoming UK producer JRick – call it all three, and more. You’ll likely know his name already, as the architect behind BBC Music’s Sound of 2019 winner Octavian. He produced “Party Here”, “Hands”, “Lightning”, to name just a few tracks – all of which introduced an atmospheric, illustrative ode to London and it’s aural history. They say the artist is the star, and in a lot of cases that’s true. For right or wrong, the MC is often the face of the brand. But JRick and Octavian’s relationship runs deeper than that. It’s a brotherhood. Essie Gang is the name of their crew, and the two artists – plus several friends – had the name tattooed on themselves long before they were making music. So, it feels natural that now – off the back of their joint success – JRick is stepping forward to produce solely under his own name. It’s a family thing, and he’s the next up.